Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day

I come to work extremely hopeful this morning. There was already a line down the block at my polling place this morning, at 6.50. It was amazing to stand among the diverse group of people: gay and straight couples; black, white, and Latino voters. It was the first moment I've had where hope has overridden doubt---and that in itself is something to savor.

Just to savor the moment a little more, I'm going to allow myself to dream of what tomorrow might look like. Obama and Biden have been up late celebrating their victory, and Californians wake up to the results on Prop 8 and Prop 4. Neither have passed.

I heard from a close source that a valid fear about gay marriage is that it would alter the very social fabric of our society. The ironic thing is that I think that's true, and I say bring it on. The social fabric of our society is more interesting and beautiful with diverse expressions of love. I grew up not feeling comfortable sharing with my friends that my dad had a partner who I loved as much as I loved my parents. I wonder how different my experience would have been if I had been able to say he was my stepfather. Because that's indeed what he was to me. Tomorrow I imagine a world without Prop 8, and a world where gay partners can call each other wife and wife or husband and husband and where kids of gay parents aren't ashamed or confused or vague about their parents' and parents' partners roles are.

I have a close friend who's voting yes on Prop 4 because she wants to be able to "weigh in" should her daughter get pregnant. My interpretation of weigh in: make the choice on behalf of her daughter. In this girl's case, there wouldn't be a choice, though, because abortion would not be an option. For those parents who would vote for Prop 4, here's a simple request: Talk to your kids about sex. Wouldn't that be a wonderful proposition to put on the ballot? Prop Talk to Your Kids about Sex. Reduces teen pregnancy! Takes into account that kids are going to have sex whether you think it's a sin or not! Acknowledges the actual world we live in, where kids are bombarded by messages about sex---and so they need more information, not less! Tomorrow I imagine a world without Prop 4, where teens are able to seek out the information they need (including info about birth control!) and make choices about their own bodies.

So now I'll just sit back and wait to see if dreams really can come true.



eva said...

That is the world I'm dreaming of as well.

Jessica said...

Rock on with altering the social fabric of our society!!