Monday, October 20, 2008

hot solo senior sex---a contest from Seal author Joan Price

We wanted to share/reprint Joan Price's blog post from yesterday. Joan is the smart, outrageous, and totally sex-positive author of Better Than I Ever Expected, who's always coming up with fabulous new ideas for keeping senior sex front and center.

Here's the goods from Joan herself:

What's your best tip for hot solo senior sex? I've published my 10 Tips for Hot Sex after Sixty that apply mainly to couples (and I've been criticized for that), and now I'm asking your help in compiling the best tips for pleasuring yourself solo after age 60 (or 50, or 70, or 80).

Here's how to enter the Solo Sex Hot Tip Contest:

1. Email Joan with "contest tip" as your header.

2. In your email, describe in about 100 words your Solo Sex Hot Tip, including an anecdote from your personal story about how this tip improved your sexual pleasure. (I'm not looking for porn or even erotica---just the nuts & bolts how this tip worked to enhance your pleasure.)

3. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address (so that I can send you a book if you win!), and email address in your email. This information will NOT be shared.

4. You're welcome to post tips anonymously as a comment here, but realize that I can't give you an award if I don't know who you are.

Prizes: One entry per month will receive a free copy of Better Than I Ever Expected, and the best entry of 2008 also will receive a free copy of Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation, by Jamye Waxman. (No, you don't have to be a woman to enter the contest.)

And then what? All entries may be posted on this blog and/or used in a follow-up book or article, at my discretion, without your name (I promise!) or any identifying info that could cause you embarrassment. I'll ask you for a code name to use if I decide to post your tip. Entries may be edited.

I don't know how many entries this contest will attract, so I'll give awards as the best ones strike my fancy, rather than by a certain deadline. This could be an ongoing contest.

Enter soon and enter often!

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Joan Price said...

Why so silent, readers? Is it because you don't know any hot tips for good solo sex, you don't think solo sex can be hot, or you think solo sex is too private to talk about...? Talk to me, even if it's to explain why you're NOT talking about this!

Joan Price

author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty (

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