Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday's rallies

Tens of thousands of people across the U.S. attended rallies over the weekend to support gay rights. Although the passing of 8 was a hugely disturbing event, it's amazing and awesome to see how much it's mobilized people.

For a little levity, and just to bring light to the ridiculousness of what happened here in California, I want to share Julia Serano's post "Eliminating People's Rights," which reads:

As of today, I refuse to acknowledge 52% of Californian's rights! I will do so randomly, at my choosing. I have deemed myself the ultimate arbiter of rights! After all, as a California voter, I have a God given right to decide who is entitled to "rights" and who is not.

Thus, by the powers vested in me as a California voter, I declare that:

1) Freedom of religion has been eliminated for all of the Mormons and Catholic who funded the "yes on 8" ads.

2) Freedom of speech has been eliminated for anyone who voted for prop 8.

3) And if you fall into class "1" or class "2", then too bad, because I am eliminating your right to marry too. Ha!

special transsexual bonus:
While I'm at it, I refuse to acknowledge the gender identities of anyone who won't acknowledge mine. So watch out Ms. Blanchard and Mr. Jeffreys....

Here are a couple of shots, mine from Oakland and my friend Brendon's from Chicago.




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