Thursday, June 26, 2008

thank you, StirFry Seminars

Today was our antiracism training. We'll have a follow-up 2-hour session in late July. Thirteen of us attended, and it was a solid step in our larger journey and toward the commitment we made to our readers around building awareness, diversifying, and so much more.

Today felt like a small but important step, as it provided a space for our staff to talk about where we stand, what we want to achieve, and where we're going from here. We'll check in periodically about what we're doing and what we're acquiring, but I hope that this message reaches many of you who commented to our blog back in April: We understand the difference between intention and impact and we are taking it all in, listening, and learning. The conversations that are coming from the mistakes we made are productive and promising, and I know that they'll carry Seal to a better place.

Thanks to StirFry, our readers, and our staff.


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