Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama clearly rocks

Michelle Obama has been getting tons of press since her appearance on The View yesterday. More proof of the power of daytime TV on middle America. She talked about sending Laura Bush a thank you note, which people seemed to agree was a very stand-up thing to do. She talked about wearing her heart on her sleeve and about being passionate and taking risks.

If Hillary couldn't take the nomination, all I have to say is thank god for Michelle Obama. It remains to be seen how she's going to handle everything the media is throwing her way. The New York Times ran a piece on Michelle's "subtle makeover," which was picked up on by the Today Show this morning. From my take on it, the segment seemed to imply that Michelle would do well by the campaign to just fade into the background and let her husband shine. They talked about her fashion sense, and the hoopla about her $150 dollar dress from White House || Black Market (one of my faves) and how it's selling out across the country now.

As they sat there alternately comparing her to Jackie O. and Barbara Bush (whose popularity, apparently, is due to the fact that she doesn't do jack shit), I found myself thinking (hoping) that there's no way Michelle has it in her to be a wallflower, no matter how much the media and the public and even the campaign try to force her into being more palatable. I can see her doing it for the sake of doing it, until Barack is elected. And you know, if she's gotta play the game then she's gotta play the game. Here's wishing her luck for the long months until November!


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