Thursday, June 5, 2008

sucked away by BEA

We've been MIA, swept away by the blitz of BookExpo America.

The weekend was amazing. It's a treat to get to see what publishers are up to, and to experience the way the entire industry comes together once a year to show their wares. I'm always stunned and overwhelmed and humbled and grateful and inspired and moved. This year's show was in LA, and so it had its share of celebrities, most of whom I missed. I would have liked to have seen Brooke Shields, but the only celeb I saw was Dionne Warwick.

Krista and Andie and I manned our little Seal booth and took meetings---and thank you to all of you who were there and stopped by to say hello.

We're back in full swing and sort of glad to be home. I had no idea that downtown LA was such a happening place.

If you have any fun BEA stories to share, by all means, please do. The highlight for me was sitting in the nipple-shaped semi-enclosed full-size waterbed on the roof of The Standard Hotel.


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