Thursday, January 3, 2008

what you miss if you're not reading Feministing

We at Seal are super proud to be Jessica Valenti's publisher, and we make a huge effort to keep up with Feministing on a regular basis. Krista regularly emails me about their posts and I check in as often as possible.

But, of course, sometimes life intervenes. Which is how I found myself cruising through the archives last night and seriously engrossed by this 45-minute documentary on men who have relationships with dolls. It's like a train wreck. Jessica calls it creepy, but it's actually sociopathic. And since I'd just watched the movie Little Children on New Year's Day as part of my all-day hangover-remedy movie marathon, sociopaths who are incapable of intimacy with other humans was already lingering uncomfortably in the back of my mind.

I encourage you to watch it, and I don't exactly know why. Maybe just as a warning, or as an educational tool. For women to watch out for men who exhibit antisocial behavior. If it feels weird it probably is weird. I found myself feeling protective of women last night watching this thing, feeling scared that this company exists, that men are spending thousands of dollars for custom-made life-sized dolls that have removable tongues and different faces (awake faces, sleeping faces, engaged faces), and now, which Jessica reported on Tuesday, that men are actually pimping these dolls out (cause not enough men can afford to buy their own "relationships" apparently).

It's true that it's sickening and sad, but I also feel like I'm glad to know that this exists, as a reminder of the fucked up world we live in. As a reminder to take charge and trust my instincts. As a reminder to value the fact that I do know intimacy. And that I'm lucky for that.

Read Feministing. Read it often.

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