Wednesday, January 30, 2008

all about Susie

A couple days ago I received a link to this blog post from Susie Bright's agent. I wanted to blog about it because I found it super charming. Sweet that this woman posted this missive all about Susie. She's only posted nine times since starting her blog, and so its very existence reminded me of the coolest thing about blogging. It's expressive and personal, and you can write crushy love notes to people you've never met or about people you admire. You can speak to a hidden audience and impact people you'll never meet.

I love it when people are moved and inspired by others, and Susie is a moving and inspiring person. We have the great honor of publishing her memoir---in fall 2010. That's right. It sounds far off, doesn't it? But she's well worth the wait. And considering that we courted her for nearly two years (we gave her that tiara she's wearing!), it doesn't feel all that far off to me.

The blogger, Vanessa, writes about Susie:

"She was electric and charming, in her home-sewn dress and Earth boots, hanging out in front of the podium instead of back in the Green Room, discussing the death of her father, reading a story about a religious sexual sadist, and telling us of her admiration for her teenage daughter all in one moment. She was cozy in her body, her project, and her honesty, and I admired her not just for the work she's done to help people quit their prudishness, but for the embodiment of genuine performance she gave to us, a gift of love without the appearance of it being laborious."

When we took Susie out to lunch and came back to the office, our VP of Marketing commented that Susie is a lusty personality. I haven't forgotten that. Because it's rare to know someone like her---a person who is wholly present and engaged and who you know hasn't been sitting around, even for one second, and letting life pass her by. It's pretty easy to fall in love with her. I hardly believed I was the only one.

So thank you, Vanessa, for reminding me that it's good to post crushy love notes from time to time.


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