Thursday, January 24, 2008

how is drew peterson still a free man?

Every single morning I watch The Today Show and am reminded of why I have started limiting my consumption of news more and more with each passing year. We live in a world where the things that make the daily news are alternately distressing or repulsive, and with this morning's news about Drew Peterson wanting to date again, I just about had it.

He wants to date again. Stacy Peterson, who would have been 24 this week, has been missing since October 28. Three months. Even if Drew Peterson is not a killer (and it's REALLY hard to believe that he's not responsible for her disappearance), what man in his right man wants to date three months after his wife's disappearance? Even if she's just run away with another man, which is what he's claiming. But she hasn't just run away. She's disappeared off the face of the planet. A woman with two children and a supportive family. Poof. Like that.

No, it just doesn't work that way. I sat there feeling hatred toward this guy, and hatred toward his lawyer, who told Matt Lauer, "We know that Stacy abandoned her family and ran off like Stacy's mom before her." Come again? What kind of deductive logic is that? So so wrong.


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Sarah said...

I need to admit that I have no idea who Drew Peterson is. And I think I'm really, really glad.