Tuesday, October 16, 2007

litquake recap

Yes, I should have written about this yesterday. But it felt good to vent, and now I'm in a happier space. I'm over myself for the moment---until I receive the next submission that makes me want to put a gun to my head. No, I'm not being dramatic.

Litquake, though ... specifically, Lit Crawl, Saturday night, Phase II at Modern Times.

It was a great turnout for the Seal event. THANK YOU! to all of you who turned out. Our illustrious publisher (and my esteemed co-blogger) Krista kicked off the line-up, which included:

Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl (June 2007)
highlight: The way Julia manages to be so unassuming and yet whips out the most profound and mind-blowing analysis about bias, social injustice, misogyny, and more. This book changed my life. Seriously.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Dirty Girls (March 2008)
highlight: Watching the audience reaction to Rachel's confession that she loves to give head and she's damn good at it. I love a woman who knows how to own up to a skill.

Jenesha de Rivera, co-editor of Homelands (January 2007)
highlight: Jinky does a hilarious interpretation of her Filipino relatives, and seeing her play out a scene where her girlfriend pretty much outs them to the family had me laughing out loud.

Samara Halperin, contributor to It's So You (October 2007)
highlight: Also laugh-out-loud funny. Samara, when are you going to write a book? I had the privilege of watching her perform again the very next night at Sister Spit, now on tour!

Victoria Zackheim, editor of For Keeps (November 2007)
highlight: Representing a different type of book. Victoria's anthology is about aging and body issues and this is a category that's dear to my heart and important to Seal's mission.

Daphne Gottlieb, editor of Fucking Daphne (April 2008) Since there's no link to Amazon.com just yet, I'm posting the cover image here so you can see how much this book fuckin' rocks.
highlight: Daphne's boobs. Well, yes. And her whole outfit. And her performance and her presence. It's a pleasure all around, always. Our poetess.


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Single Mom Seeking said...

It was so great to see both of you at the Crawl!

I just discovered Seal's blog... You go!

I'll be back for more.