Tuesday, October 30, 2007

liars, cheaters, and stealers

We've been offline here for a few days. I had a nice post lined up, about Britney's mom's new memoir and the fact that it's being published by Thomas Nelson, a Christian publisher. I had a thoughtful draft about the many issues that brings up for me. But alas, that draft was among the many things I lost when my computer was stolen over the weekend. Yep, people, we had a break-in at our offices. Someone apparently stole the superintendent's keys, had access to our building all weekend, and stole three (yes, only three) computers. And so there you go. Krista and I are suffering from immobilization. I sat down at my desk today and immediately started clicking on my mouse and keyboard. It was involuntary. And then I just stared at my blank monitor and let it sink in yet again: My laptop is gone. Without it my monitor and keyboard are useless. Empty. Dead.

Something like this brings up so mcuh: Coping mechanisms, how people deal with hard and frustrating circumstances, why people steal, individual loss and gain, serious questions about morality. I spent most of yesterday in a fog, trying to process the immensity of what rebuilding my files might look like. I felt heavy and sluggish and lost. The reality of my reliance on that thing hit me right in the gut. Just an Oh Shit! reaction that leaves you pretty speachless.

Last night I ended up talking to my friend's dad who's a cop for the City of Oakland. I was struggling with the idea that someone would risk being charged with breaking and entering for three computers. He's attended to countless incidents where people just walk into offices as if they're delivery people, or as if they work there (carrying internal office envelopes or some such thing). It's not until people's wallets or purses or computers have gone missing that people realize, oh yeah, that friendly stranger from earlier today... I've never seen her before. The person who stole our computers didn't just walk in and grab them in broad daylight, but really, they could have. I guess I'm trying to weave a little warning into this post, but mostly it's just an UGGHHH post. I'm angry. I hate you, whoever you are. And now I'm going to take a deep breath. Cause we're going to be okay.



PastaQueen said...

OMG, that's awful! Losing my computer would be like someone stealing a kidney. Sure, I can technically live with only one but I really like having both of my kidneys. I also save all my passwords in my browser, but when someone broke into the apartment below mine a couple months ago I realized a thief could financially ruin me by accessing all my accounts. So I upped my security in my browser so it now asks me for the master password before filling in any other passwords.

The weird thing is that even after hearing about other people's stuff getting stolen, I still haven't backed up some of my stuff, as if I think it couldn't happen to me. I really only back up the super important stuff, like MP3s. When I was writing my book I backed it up to a personal web server every night because I was afraid of a massive data failure.

Hannah said...

You have GOT to be kidding. I know you're not. But, seriously.
Someone must really want to read Sex & Bacon...