Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How are you feeling today?

That's right. I'm asking about you. How are you? How did you feel today?

I have a theory, but I need field work, feedback, research to know if I'm just rationalizing or if my theory makes any sense at all. I'm interested in knowing how you feel today specifically, especially if you live in the Bay Area climate zone.

You see, every single person I've spoken with today--in my smaller home world and my larger work world feels the same way today. TIRED. Not a little sleepy. NO. I'm talking exhausted. Foggy headed. Like you're walking through muck and it's sticky, and you're slow, and you just want to lie down. Right here. Right now. Just for a minute.

This morning, I could barely get up. It rained all night last night. A treat for us here in the Bay Area where we haven't seen much rain at all--in a long time. It was nice, and I thought I slept well. But now I feel like I have a terrible disease. What is it? Hey you fabulous feminist scientists, is it the barometric pressure? Did the change in pressure mess with our chemistry? Could that be it? Or is it ludicrous to put those things together? This IS my theory. Can you tell? There was a massive change in weather here. We went from really quite warm Indian Summer-y-ness to cool with big, big rain in a short period of time. I'm thinking this is the cause of my disease.

If you felt tired today will you tell me? Now if you always feel tired, no need to tell me you felt tired today again. You see what I'm saying? Let's pretend this is real research, sorely needed for an important Seal study.

And here's to tomorrow. I'm going to work toward clarity, energy, and absence of thick muck. I hope the same for all of you. (Sleep well.)

Until next time.


Christa M. Miller said...

I live about as far from the Bay Area as you can get and still be in the U.S. (New England), but I was drained Wednesday too. I chalked it up to poor diet (hey, I had to eat those chocolate chip cookies before they went stale!) but maybe there was more to it than that after all... ;)

Joan Price said...

I think it's the shorter days and (I'm in the Bay Area, too) the lack of sunlight. The chocolate I ate probably didn't help. Is there a theme here?

-- Joan Price
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