Tuesday, May 13, 2008

how can you make your sex sexier?

Read Sexier Sex.
This new Q&A with the author and Cory Silverberg was a good reminder for me about everything that's awesome about this book.

The book has eight parts that offer "easy to follow answers to common and not so common sexual interests."

Like what, you wanna know?

* How to Make Erotic Art with Cell Phones
* How to Delete Your Ex
* How to Have Cybersex
* How to Use Technology to Have More Time for Sex

One of my favorites is How to Seduce Someone in 160 Characters or Less and How to Share Your Orgasm for the Sake of Art.

This book is smart and fun and full of all kinds suggestions, ranging from hot to hotter to hottest. What could be better than making sex sexier, right? And using the things you own---like your computer and your cell phone---to make you a better lover? It's good stuff, I promise.


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