Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's she thinking here?

Inquiring minds want to know. And yet, it's so personal, and now so public. We already know so much. Spitzer's penis needed to roam, and he assumed he was above the law. Hell, he is the law. He owns the law. And you can't handle the truth.

So there's his wife Silda, standing by his side. We don't know her. But our hearts go out to her. I kind of hate that she's standing by his side everywhere. But of all the photos, this one says it all. "I need a drink." OR
"Mother was right. I should have stayed in school." OR
"Go to hell and die. $4300? Believe me, you're no freakin' emperor."
"I shouldn't have married monkey man."

She's standing by his side, but what's she really thinking? You tell me.



Andie East said...

"based on most of his performances, that really doesn't count as working late at night on valentine's day"

Brooke Warner said...

just want to say, after watching CNN all night, that tonight's focus is all about Silda. Dina Matos McGreevey, the ex-wife of the "openly gay" ex governor of New Jersey, is coming out as sympathetic to Ms. Spitzer. She says we can't know what it's like cause we haven't been there, that the reason she's standing by his side is because they have a family. I have to say, though, what message do you want your kids to take away from all this? That what Daddy did is okay, or that what Daddy did was a colossal mistake? I understand that the majority of us cannot imagine what it feels like to be in her shoes, but my god! I couldn't help but feel like she was being forced, a la battered woman, to be standing there next to him in all her glorious agony.


Sarah said...

She was totally being forced to stand there with him! At the time of his press conference, it wasn't clear if he would have to resign or not. So she's there as a political ploy, like "look, we're going to get throught this as a family, so maybe New York, you can get over it, too."
Did you see the Daily Show on this with Samantha Bee and Jason Jones? Funny.