Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday everyone!

We feel fortunate that you're reading the blog. Thank you.

We're enjoying blogging, and it's great to know people are reading, but we only know you're reading from the comments we receive when we happen to be talking with you on the phone, communicating with you over email, or if we bump into you at an event, or pass each other in the hall. We'd also love to hear from more of you through comments here on the blog. We know more people are reading the blog than are commenting on it. I suppose that's just the way it goes in the blog world. Hell I'm certainly guilty of that myself on the blogs I read regularly, and we're committing to commenting on our favorite blogs more as a result. We will strive to post interesting and provocative things that spur you to comment. Know that we'd love to hear from you, even if your comment is a brief one. Let us know you're out there and that you're reading, and tell us what you're thinking about. It makes for better books.

Speaking of books, my goal this weekend is to find a new book to read. I typically read non-fiction, but I'm ready for a novel. Let me rephrase that. I NEED a novel. Do you have recommendations for me? What are you reading?


Until next time.



da kine hapa said...

You guys are great, smart bloggers, so sometimes it's hard for me to think of comments that will measure up! But, I pledge to give it my best shot from now on.

I'm reading Number 9 Dream. I originally picked it up while traveling because I couldn't find Cloud Atlas, but it managed to suck me in. Oh, and I just reread Adam Haslett's You Are Not A Stranger Here, which is stories and not a novel, but I love them, so I'm passing them on.

Sarah said...

Oh, I really liked Cloud Atlas! Crazy book.
I recently finished One Hundred Years of Solitude and loved it. You need to have some time for that one, though. Actually, same for Cloud Atlas.
One that I liked, but was mildly disturbed by, is The Dogs of Babel.
And I've heard good things about How the Dead Dream, which I'm guessing you can get your hands on pretty easily.

Andie East said...

I'm reading The Labrynith by Kate Moss, I've started The Secret River by Kate Granville, haven't really gotten far. I'm Super excited to read Red Earth and Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra, author of the excellent Sacred Games. If you want a great novel try The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery and Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson, both excellent. But I could go on and on and on....

Ebbs said...

Might I suggest "Good Women: Three Novellas" by Jane Stevenson?

Jessica said...

I'm reading! I love your blog! Keep it up :)

As for reading, I am in the non-fiction world at the moment, reading Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women's Changing Lives--it's really compelling. As for fiction, I'm reading out loud with a friend a book I read in college--Housekeeping, by Marilynne Robinson, which is haunting and beautiful. I highly recommend it.

Krista Lyons-Gould and Brooke Warner said...

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. So good to know you're out there.

And I'm headed to the bookstore to find some new books, keep those suggestions coming. I'll let you know what I pick and how it goes. I find I often can't make it through the book everyone else loves.

Thanks again.

Ruby Vixen said...

I love the Seal blog! (and I'm totally guitly of not commenting...*confessions of a naughty intern*) :-) I'm reading Beyond The Pale by Elena Dykewomon (for the 2nd time) and I love it! I'll pass it on to you when I finish it.