Friday, February 29, 2008

in preparation for women's history month

It's upon us, ladies. Women's History Month kicks off tomorrow. I have to be honest. I've never done anything even remotely noteworthy for Women's History Month. So this year I'd like to be more proactive. Women's History Month is about honoring women and having space set aside to acknowledge not just the achievements, but the advancement of women. We spend a lot of time fighting and debating and calling bullshit, and all that's super important. But it's also is important to take note of how far we've come, something that's admittedly hard to do when so often it feels like we're regressing.

In trying to think about what to do, I came across this list on, which features some really good ideas, like:

*Giving your daughter or niece a biography of a woman who accomplished important goals in her life.
*Doing the same for your son or nephew (yay to the author for including boys!)
*Drop into conversation, a few times this month, something about a woman you admire.
*Plan a trip to a site honoring women's history.
*Nominate a woman to be on a stamp.

One small thing I'm going to do (and you can too) is nominate my favorite female bloggers for the Women's Voices Making History contest. They're taking nominations through March 21, after which they'll list the top 10 female bloggers at and ask you to vote for your favorite.

Check it out!


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