Thursday, February 21, 2008

feeling emotionally whirly?

You're not alone! According to our fabulous new author Holiday Mathis (Rock Your Stars), you can blame it on last night's eclipse.

Yeah, I'm guessing that didn't even cross your mind. But seriously, consider your day. I just considered mine and I feel way better knowing that I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed and more than a little off today.

Holiday will be posting an audio blog several times a week, so check it out. Go there right now. Take the minute and a half out of your day to just sit and think about the way that energy and the alignment of the planets and stars affects you. It's fun. It's interesting. I'm 100% sure I would have been emotionally overwhelmed, eclipse or not, but I'm excited to tell everyone that it's the damn eclipses fault.

Stay tuned and check out the book. It's an awesome gift and conversation starter!


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Krista Lyons-Gould and Brooke Warner said...

Oh my gosh. I love what Holiday says about the fact that being human isn't about getting it right all the time, it's about how you handle not getting it right--finding the grace to go forward anyway. Thanks Holiday. I need to listen to this frequently.