Thursday, December 6, 2007

bOObs are sOO tabOO

Here's something that's been bugging me since last week. The Wall Street Journal ran this great story about bra-fitting, in which they extensively quote our very own boob lady, Elisabeth Squires.

Her accreditation, though? "A Seattle-based author of a breast-health and bra guide."


"A breast-health and bra guide" which just so happens to be called bOObs. But they won't print that word in their paper. People, we are not talking about Cunt here. Boobs! So benign. So unoffensive that it's practically a kid word. I don't understand when boobs became not okay to say or print. Breasts are okay, boobs are not. Which is too bad. Look how sweet this cover is? And it's so informative and pro-woman. Go buy it for every girl and woman you know. It's a good Christmas present, I promise.


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