Monday, November 5, 2007

top 5 things i hate about daylight-saving time

1. It doesn't even make sense. Daylight-saving time. Think about it. Saving daylight? I want to save daylight, but I've given up trying to save things that can't and don't want to be saved. An old personal philosophy of mine, adopted to prevent Point 5.

2. It's arrogant. Only a quarter of the planet even bothers. The Europeans? You bet, smarter than us. What makes us think we have any control over The Time? I mean, come on. Who struggled to make it to their regular lunch hour today? Our bodies aren't stupid. Just because we're telling our minds that it's an hour later doesn't mean our bodies are cooperating. Mine is not. At all.

3. It's practically dark outside. Yes, I mean right now. And it's 4:25. Refer back to Point 1. What's the point of saving daylight when it's dark outside by the time you get home from work?

4. It fucks with your circadian rhythms. And this is something that doesn't need fucking with. I know, because I just fucked mine up severely coming home from Turkey last month. It took me a really long time to recover. I felt embarrassed about it, actually, like it was a tired excuse come mid-month. But I'm not exaggerating when I say I can barely function in a normal human capacity. I'm like a sloth.

5. It makes you psychotic. This is not alarmist. It's practically proven. Given Point 4, it stands to reason that your sleep patterns are off. And sleep disruption is scientifically linked to psychiatric illness. As if there aren't enough things in our lives to precipitate the onset of psychiatric illness.

Okay, I'll stop here. I can only hope I'll live to see the day when we end this madness. I have work to do, after all.



sylvia said...

"The Europeans? You bet, smarter than us."

Er, Europe does daylight savings too, we just stop it earlier than you do (i.e. UK went from British Summer Time to GMT a few weeks ago)

Krista Lyons-Gould and Brooke Warner said...

I stand corrected then. I was under the impression that Europe did not do it. So you're not smarter than us. I feel better about myself at least.