Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Susie Bright for President!

Except no, that is not the right office for her--too lowly and restricted by baggage--not to mention the stench in that ovalish room and the serious bad vibes that would require more than a truckload of burning sage to disspel.

Please people, if you haven't read Susie Bright's posts this week on, go there now. Right now. I mean it. Go! It started Monday with the one that got me fired up, "Is there A Republican Senator Who's NOT Having Bathroom Sex?" She's so right. What's wrong with these people? The hypocrisy is beyond unbelievable. It's criminal. It's beyond criminal. AGGGHHHH! But Susie didn't leave me there stewing in my anger at the world and its unfairness. She helped me process on Tuesday by bringing in the experts. See the analysis of the cognitive dissonance we've seen employed by Larry, Bob, David, Tom, Harlan, Randall . . . and read the post from Tuesday, "Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)". And today, well, she cheers us up a bit. You'll see.

When thinking this morning about this blog and what I would post, it seemed impossible to think about anything else. What's going in the world? I asked myself this, and I kept coming back to Larry Craig. That is sad. The saddest. Isn't there more to talk about? Of course there is. And we'll get to it in time. We'll talk about the good stuff. But sometimes we have to stop and talk about what we're pissed about. In the meantime, know that you can count on Susie Bright to be with you in the sadness. Susie will inform you, help you understand what's not remotely understandable, and ultimately help you laugh at the messiness of it all. AGGGHHH!

I leave you with this thought from SB's current posted poll: Have you ever run into anyone having bathroom sex, while you were just "doing your business?" Have you ever been propositioned and turned someone down? Was it hard to say, "No, thank you?"

Until the next time.


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Susie Bright said...

Krista, You are too kind. But it has been a hell of a week. I needed my bathroom sex survey to cheer me up!