Monday, August 20, 2007

bazooms, beauts, bombshells, cha-chas, sweet sweet milkies

Yeah, I'm talking about boobs.

One of our main goals here is to keep you in the loop on our upcoming titles--and talk about what we're looking to publish as well (with the hope that our readers will send us their own brilliant ideas, too).

Today I want to talk about a book on our fall list that's already generating a lot of buzz: bOObs: a guide to your girls, by Elisabeth Squires, the bOOb Lady.

We're excited about this book because of how totally informative and fun and engaging it is--photos, factoids, bra-fitting chart, a place to record the results of your monthly self breast exams (we all know how impossible it is to remember to do this regularly).

Stay tuned for exciting stuff where bOObs is--are--concerned.

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