Monday, June 7, 2010

The Seal Press Women's Perspectives Newsletter: Coming Soon to an Inbox Near You

It's June, and we here at Seal Press can finally celebrate a great Spring 2010 list of books that's now available to the world. Seal's newest books cover a wide range of topics, from ditching the South and overcoming gambling addiction to ditching our hangups about porn and sounding a call to action for women in the Congo.

The best place to find out about our new titles (and some that you may have missed)? Our Seal Press Women's Perspectives newsletter. Newsletter readers get the latest on new books, readings, and other book-related events, delivered straight to their electronic doorstep four times a year. To sign up, visit our newsletter sign-up page and select the Seal Press Women's Perspectives option. If you're in the academic world or simply staying current in the Women's and Gender Studies fields, you might be interested in our Seal Press Women's Studies newsletter, too.

The next Women's Perspectives newsletter installment comes out next week, so now's the time to sign up! Here's to a long summer filled with great and varied reads.

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