Thursday, March 12, 2009

Start your LIST today!

We recently sent out The List: 100 Ways to Shake Up Your Life by Gail Belsky to some of our favorite female bloggers. Thanks to these great interviews and reviews, many readers have been inspired to start a List of their own. Check out these wonderful posts, then go over to Gail's website, ShakeUpList and get started building your own list, today.

For Her Information's Falise Platt added The List into a round up of great books for Women's History Month!

Gail was also interviewed by Rachel Kramer Bussel at her blog, The Lusty Lady. Here's a spicy quote: "I went topless in my twenties and thirties, but not since. Same thing with skinny dipping and watching porn." Click here for the rest of the interview.

The Book Lady already finished her giveaway but you can still check out her review here.

this review at Story Circle Book Review, which says, "I'll keep this one as a permanent part of my library and reread it for ideas when I get bored. Perhaps I'll flip it open and do whatever happens to be on that page. That is a sure way to step out of my comfort zone."

The Adventurous Women Blog is a great place to get ideas for new and exciting things to try. Check out this interview with Gail about what inspired her to write The List!

The Fly Girl Guide says "It’s a fun, upbeat, inspiring way to get out of the rut of your daily life. "

Bella Online
recommends the book for anyone looking for inspiration to shake up their lives!

And you can also listen to Gail's interview with Marrie Stone on the show Writers on Writing.

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