Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Left Turn Magazine reviews Susan Stryker's Transgender History!

In their October/November issue, Harris Kornstein of Left Turn Magazine reviews Transgender History (one of the first of our Seal Studies Series!) by Susan Stryker.

"Pioneering scholar-activist Susan Stryker's newest book offers a concise and accessible crash course on the history of activism for the rights of "gender deviant" people, mainly in the US and in the past fifty years. Framed through a transfeminist lens, the book provides a useful introduction for those unfamiliar with the language of transgender identities, politics, and history. Even for those of us who feel relatively experienced in genderqueer speak, there are myriad moments in history to be revealed or remembered, and Stryker's recounting includes context and theory that is unlikely to be found elsewhere."

Be sure to pick up Left Turn this month to read the rest of this great review!

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