Tuesday, July 1, 2008

more on Maternal

Susie Bright has an awesome post about our new anthology, Maternal Is Political, which she contributed to.

I purposely refrained from writing about the whole Rebecca Walker fracas (above all because it was just too upsetting and frustrating to make sense of), but Rebecca also has a piece in the anthology, and part of Susie's post mirrors my own wonderment over the whole thing:

I can't feature why Rebecca would wash her dirty laundry in public... unless she were desperate for money. Or losing her mind. Or both. And even then— how are you suppose to reconcile with your family after this? I guess you pretend they're dead. But they're... not. R. says A. has cut her out of the will, which is presumably worth millions. For having a baby? Does money really drive people this batshit? You feel like calling each member of the Walker family into the room, and interviewing them separately. What a tragedy.

Anyways, I've recommended this book before, and I'm doing it again. I think it's one of the more insightful, educational, and needed books on our spring list.


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KrisUnderwood said...

I totally agree that this book needs to be recommended to everyone I know. Also agree on it being insightful, educational, etc.