Wednesday, April 23, 2008

go Hillary!

Yes, this is the actual May cover of The New Republic. Phoebe Connelly over at the The American Prospect writes about this and other "Crazy-Eyed" photos of Hillary that are making the rounds in the media.

And yet, she took Pennsylvania last night. And so she keeps on. I'm in the camp of women who voted for Hillary---I'd love to see her be the next president---but will be perfectly happy (hell, elated!) if Barack ends up being the nominee the general election. I'm tired of the media coverage that says that all of this is bad for Democrats. Shut up, already. Why is it bad for Democrats? Because the two candidates are having their dirty laundry aired? That's going to happen during the general election already. Because it shows that we have two awesome potential candidates while the Republicans have one shitty one?

Really, if I were Hillary, I'd have that wild-eyed look on more occasions than she does, I'm sure. She's out there fighting, and she's winning not only against odds, but against a media culture that's part blind, part ignorant, part misogynist, part sexist. That's not an easy shitstorm to succeed in. So, yeah, fist pump all you want, Hillary, all the way to the finish line.


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