Friday, September 21, 2007

bOObs banned

Really, you ask? Where are boobs not allowed? Dark, stuffy men's clubs maybe? No. Guess again.

A bookstore in the state of Washington, which I will not name, has decided to cancel a long-planned bookstore event for our book, bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls because of the title. Apparently, boobs is a bad word. This is not a sex book, not erotica, which we love by the way, and not smut in the least.

This is a health book for women about caring for your breasts. Really people! Boobs are everywhere. Every woman has them, and we've learned right here in house that before we read bOObs, we were all wearing the wrong size bras. We've learned so much about our own boobs, and we want to share that knowledge. Go to your bookstores. Ask for bOObs. Demand your right to care for yours. If the book had been called Breasts, would that have been different? How about bazooms, knockers, cha-chas, tits, ta-tas, joy toys, muffins, bosoms, gazongas, melons, beauts, bombshells, boobies . . . ? There are many mixed messages among these and so many other boob idioms and monikers.

Boobs is not a scary word, nor is it offensive in 2007. It's in Merriam Webster's Collegiate Eleventh for crying out loud.

Check out our author's website and our awesome Library Journal review on Elisabeth's bOOb Blog:

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Hannah said...

You HAVE GOT to be kidding! Banning a bOObs event coincides nicely with Banned Books Week (9/29-10/6). Who knew bOObs was a bad word?